Life and Adventure

4A: Angry Thugs

Session 2

The gang leader was an angry tiefling, full of himself and a need to make an example of those that cross his gang. Big Blue skillfully conversed with the boss to distract him by shouting through the window at the front of the Fork & Knife. Kibble and Tenebris did a quick survey of the outside through the other windows discovering that the inn had thugs posted around it.
Meanwhile, an autumn toned dragonborn woman awoke from her visit to the Inn of the Mind. This visit was special for her, as it was for the five heroes, but unlike them she was not gathered at the table during the meeting with the gods. Instead, she slept in a bed upstairs in the Fork and Knife. Because she was already dreaming when the meeting took place, her mind was not synced up with the others and could only observe the meeting. The Great Spirits and the Far Lords’ Agents spoke with her after the meeting ended, letting her know the group awaited her downstairs.
The group of five decided they would sneak out the back and stealthily dispatch one of the guards, then attempt to flank the boss by going around the sides. Unfortunately, after Tenebris dropped the guard and took his spot holding the torch, the boss became tired of talking. He shouted to Blue that if they didnt come out and fight he would burn down the inn and sent off some of the gang members.
This was when the dragonborn stepped out of her room. She introduced herself as Doegeir and the party recognized her as one of the wanderers from the Inn of the Mind. They decided to then usher the inn patrons and owner out the back, but for some reason Styrbjorn and Kibble blinked out of existence leaving behind the crystals they carried. Kane quickly snatched up all of them. To buy a little more time, Doe stepped out and intimidated the thugs as an unrelated person. The surprised gang talked with the dragonborn until finally the boss had enough, drew his bow, and shot Doegeir.
A fight then ensued. Kane and Big Blue joined the psionicly powered woman to fight the remaining gang members and their guard drakes. Tenebris rushed through the inn as the last of the patrons ran from danger. The wizard led the fight conjuring a large ball of water around most of the thugs, trapping them. This gave the party an opportunity to move in and strike nearly taking out the drawf and causing him to surrender. He then retreated from the watery magic and followed by one of his drakes. The second drake was much too focused on prey to care. The boss continued to move, keeping his distance and peppering the party with arrows. Taking a solid hit from an arrow followed up by the elven thugs dual blade combo, Kane fell to the ground, but Doegeir’s mind refused to let than happen so healed some of the fighter’s wounds. Tenebris joined in the fight and helped take out the elf and drake.
With the dwarf having run off with his drake and the boss sending away some of his gang earlier, the angry tiefling was left alone. The party decided to slip back into the inn to rest a bit as the boss paced angrily in the distance, waiting for backup.


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