Life and Adventure

4A: Salurva's Test

Session 6

That night, the heroes felt Salurva trying to connect with her crystal and pulled her into the Inn of the Mind. They conversed with her and discovered she didn’t know much and did not share the same abilities as them as far as the crystals and the Inn were concerned. They decided to attemp to pull someone else into the Inn of the Mind, but could not. Instead Blue was able to, with the support of the party, discover the next closest Crystal Bearer: a silver haired eladrin man, observing things in the Tanglewood. Kane told Salurva about his meeting with the Sun Lord. She informed him she had to see him as well, so they could go together. The party then dismissed her from the Inn and went to sleep.
The next morning, Salurva and Kane went to their meeting with the Sun Lord, while the other three went to wait at the military base. Salurva told her lord about the impending fate of the world and the heroes’ task to save it. The Lord Krilik then spoke to Kane about his intended joining of the Sun Clan and told him that his quest was more pressing and that if he still wished to join when all was done he could speak with him again. Kane accepted this then asked if their was any aid he could provide them. The Sun Lord told him he would see what he could do.
The golden dragonborn and the thri-kreen then joined the others at the base for the test. Salurva had some dragonborn magi conjure up a battlefield then some kobold and dragonborn soldiers took the field to fight with the heores. The first test was completed with ease. Then Salurva let the party rest as the magi prepared the next phase of the test. They used the Dragonborn Ancestor Ritual to manifest a white dragon which was joined by a couple dragonborn soldiers. The second fight was a little more difficult, but the party used expert tactics to restrict their opponents’ abilities and passed the test smashingly.


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