Life and Adventure

Return to Fork

Session 7

That night they were visited by a spirit representative for The Alliance who offered them another blessing for successfully gaining their first Crystal Companion. This time Big Blue accepted the blessing and had Orca bless his staff.
The next day the party went to their meeting with the Sun Lord. He gave them a Squadron Cauldron and wished them luck. Salurva needed to spend the day at her shrine, praying, before she could leave with them. The rest of the day passed quietly.
In the morning, Salurva arrived at the inn in her full battle gear and bearing some healing potions that the Sun Lord had made for them. They gathered together and headed out on their trek east to find the eladrin they saw from the Inn of the Mind.
When they arrived in Fork, the town had changed. A wooden wall was being build around it and there were Turathi guards posted at the entrance. They were stopped and asked their business, then let in as they were just passing through. Their curiosity took hold and they decided to investigate the new state of affairs in town. Blue and Doe went to the Merchant Guild while Kane and Tenebris took Salurva with them to the Fork and Knife.
Inn keeper Rosa revealed, over some free drinks which she joined in, that the town was taken over by a Turathi noble named Lady Vexana a couple days after the party left for Arkhosia. She was not pleased by the new religious laws enforced, nor by the steep taxes, but otherwise business was good. The two headed to the Guildhouse discover that the place is now claimed by Lady Vexana and the new Merchant Guild office was elsewhere.
They arrived at the new office to a surprised pair of merchants. they were not very forthcoming with information, so Doe and Blue decided to intimidate them into truth. They revealed that the new Turathi lord of the town was going to execute them for the death of the other noble that was killed during the routing of the gang that was harassing the town, but they pinned it all on the party. Now the lady has them working for her in order to stay alive and the party are wanted for killing a noble. They let them be and head to the inn to regroup.


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