Life and Adventure

4A: The Meeting

Session 1

Each of the potential heroes had set out on their personal journeys for their own reason: knowledge, skill, truth, notoriety, and safety. These goals showed the Great Spirits their potential and so, with the aid of the Agents of the Far Lords, the Inn of the Mind was constructed.
Soon the potential heroes began to slip into this space during periods of rest. In their dreams they saw a huge log cabin with a hearth in each wall, great wooden pillars holding up a ceiling barely in view, and various furnishings one would find in a quality rustic inn. It was a strange place, both comforting and disconcerting at once. Over time the individuals interacted more, moving about but never getting closer to any wall even though the furnishings changed; and eventually, hearing voices speaking directly to them and glimpsing other individuals. The voices spoke of the world and its impending doom.
“The Gods have been on Earth too long,” they would say. “The world is changing into their godly realms and those realms cannot coexist. In time these realms will tear the world apart.”
Those words felt true, but could anything be done?
“We have a plan,” the voices answered to concerns unspoken. “If you wish to save this world and its reflections, go to an inn. Your mind will guide you there if your heart is willing.”
So, five adventurers met with their dream visitors in a small inn called The Fork and Knife, located in the neutral border town of Fork. An unclaimed trade town on the road connecting Arkhosia, Bael Turath, and Daristan.
The disparate five came from different parts of the world, but all reached the inn on the same day.
First to arrive was the small stealthy sniper affectionately called Kibble. The dull green scales that dominate his features being a common variety found on kobolds were accented by scales of deep black, hinting at a special lineage.
Soon after the kobold slipped in and found a shadowy corner to watch from, a large man in blue arrived. The man surveyed the inn, a Human gaze radiating with intelligence, and finished his exam at a round table near the back of the room, by the stairs. He walked fluidly, with staff in hand, his plump body held by a frame used to athletic activity. The man sat at the chosen table and relaxed with a book.
The third arrival was a member of the rare shawdowfolk noomlings known as Svirfneblin. The grey skinned, white bearded man walked in, clothed in simple rustic travelling gear and baring a totem of the wolf. Recognizing the wizard, who went by the moniker Big Blue, he joined the table and identified himself as Styrbjorn the shaman.
Kibble continued to watch silently from the shadows until the forth joined the group. The willowy Shade Tenebris introduced himself to the table with the grace and manner of nobility, took his seat, and looked across to the kobold who had taken this distraction to join the table.
When the last of the five joined the group, it was no surprise to his fellow visitors to the Inn of the Mind, but would be to the people in the Fork and Knife, that he was Thri Kreen. The insectoid race was rarely seen, even within the vast desert where they live, so Kane the arena fighter always kept himself cloaked. Once seated, the metallic accents of his chitin gleaming in the fading sun light, the group slips into the other Inn.
For the first time, they met with the voices in physical form. All of the Great Spirits, their giant rune etched bodies glowing grandly, and the three Agents of the Far Lords, their otherworldly bodies both awful and enchanting, welcomed them. The plan was laid before the hopeful saviors: take nine crystals to the nine beings who have the spark of creation inside them; then, with the nine acting as a barrier against divinity, stop the Gods however they saw fit.
The meeting took place between moments and the heroes now saw the crystals upon the table. A rowdy group then busted into the inn, hassling the patrons and noticing the crystals collected at the table. The five quickly pocketed the crystals as the gang moved to surround the table. Big Blue spoke to the hood in front, throwing a glance to the watchful elf in back. He managed to keep everyone calm as he discovered the gang was not planning on leaving without the “gems”. That’s when Kane offered them some coin backed with a threat, to leave them and the inn be. The hoodlums were taken aback by his tone and leave with the coins, shaken.
Kibble leads the group in an effort to find out about these thugs while Tenebris bought some drinks for people. They found that they were a small local gang run by a Tiefling who had trained guard drakes. By the time they were done, the sun was down and the gang had come to the inn, surrounding it and calling out the heroes to a public beating.


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