Life and Adventure

Return to Fork
Session 7

That night they were visited by a spirit representative for The Alliance who offered them another blessing for successfully gaining their first Crystal Companion. This time Big Blue accepted the blessing and had Orca bless his staff.
The next day the party went to their meeting with the Sun Lord. He gave them a Squadron Cauldron and wished them luck. Salurva needed to spend the day at her shrine, praying, before she could leave with them. The rest of the day passed quietly.
In the morning, Salurva arrived at the inn in her full battle gear and bearing some healing potions that the Sun Lord had made for them. They gathered together and headed out on their trek east to find the eladrin they saw from the Inn of the Mind.
When they arrived in Fork, the town had changed. A wooden wall was being build around it and there were Turathi guards posted at the entrance. They were stopped and asked their business, then let in as they were just passing through. Their curiosity took hold and they decided to investigate the new state of affairs in town. Blue and Doe went to the Merchant Guild while Kane and Tenebris took Salurva with them to the Fork and Knife.
Inn keeper Rosa revealed, over some free drinks which she joined in, that the town was taken over by a Turathi noble named Lady Vexana a couple days after the party left for Arkhosia. She was not pleased by the new religious laws enforced, nor by the steep taxes, but otherwise business was good. The two headed to the Guildhouse discover that the place is now claimed by Lady Vexana and the new Merchant Guild office was elsewhere.
They arrived at the new office to a surprised pair of merchants. they were not very forthcoming with information, so Doe and Blue decided to intimidate them into truth. They revealed that the new Turathi lord of the town was going to execute them for the death of the other noble that was killed during the routing of the gang that was harassing the town, but they pinned it all on the party. Now the lady has them working for her in order to stay alive and the party are wanted for killing a noble. They let them be and head to the inn to regroup.

4A: Salurva's Test
Session 6

That night, the heroes felt Salurva trying to connect with her crystal and pulled her into the Inn of the Mind. They conversed with her and discovered she didn’t know much and did not share the same abilities as them as far as the crystals and the Inn were concerned. They decided to attemp to pull someone else into the Inn of the Mind, but could not. Instead Blue was able to, with the support of the party, discover the next closest Crystal Bearer: a silver haired eladrin man, observing things in the Tanglewood. Kane told Salurva about his meeting with the Sun Lord. She informed him she had to see him as well, so they could go together. The party then dismissed her from the Inn and went to sleep.
The next morning, Salurva and Kane went to their meeting with the Sun Lord, while the other three went to wait at the military base. Salurva told her lord about the impending fate of the world and the heroes’ task to save it. The Lord Krilik then spoke to Kane about his intended joining of the Sun Clan and told him that his quest was more pressing and that if he still wished to join when all was done he could speak with him again. Kane accepted this then asked if their was any aid he could provide them. The Sun Lord told him he would see what he could do.
The golden dragonborn and the thri-kreen then joined the others at the base for the test. Salurva had some dragonborn magi conjure up a battlefield then some kobold and dragonborn soldiers took the field to fight with the heores. The first test was completed with ease. Then Salurva let the party rest as the magi prepared the next phase of the test. They used the Dragonborn Ancestor Ritual to manifest a white dragon which was joined by a couple dragonborn soldiers. The second fight was a little more difficult, but the party used expert tactics to restrict their opponents’ abilities and passed the test smashingly.

4A: Meetings
Session 5

After their rest, the party decided to do a little shopping before the meeting at the Guild Hall. Once sundown arrived, they headed to their appointment. The noomling receptionist handed them their payment for trouncing the gang and showed them to the meeting room when the old lady was waiting and that they could meet the guild masters after for anything else.
Sitting in a chair surrounded by large sacks was a old gnomish woman who jovially introduced herself as Telki. She offered the party various herbal curatives and directly spoke to Big Blue noticing that he was magically inclined. She sold him a special ritual kit to help him in his journeys and offered him a selection of nature rituals as well. They asked her about the Tanglebrush to get any insight and she told them it was filled with strange plants and magic portals and that she arrived in this plane there when she traveled from the Feywild.
When they were done with the herbalist, they met with Bluel and Gon once again. The party gave them the chest of gems and coin they found as it was all stolen goods. Then, they asked if there were any merchants travelling to Arkhosia who may need protection. The merchants said theyd get back to them in the morning.
Not wanting to wait on the guild workings, they decided to check with some locals at the Fork & Knife. They found out that a supplier from the north should be in tomorrow, but they were unsure of where they were headed after that; so, the party rested the night with that in mind. In the morning, they headed north to meet with the supplier, who turned out to be heading to Bael Turath. When they returned to the inn, Rosa handed them a letter detailing a merchant who was heading to Sun City and would sell them seats for the journey. They accept the offer and travel with the dragonborn delivery man. During their travels, Tenebris shared some ale with the driver and chatted with and Doe, while Kane and Blue examined the crystals further. During, one examination they decided to try to contact the Alliance. Only when Blue used magic to tap into the Inn of the Mind did anything happen. Almost rupturing his brain, Zelefex appeared before him to answer some of his questions. She telepathically informed him that giving the crystal to one of the nine would reveal everything to them.
In Sun City, the crystals direct them to the military base, so they split up to find out information about the base and the crystals. Kane went to the military recruitment office and discovered he might be able to become a vassal to the Sun Lord. Blue learned that the palace of the Sun Lord was the best place to find esoteric knowledge. Tenebris discovered that the constables in Arkhosia were very on top of crime and did not like to accept help from outsiders. Doe checked out shops, restocking rations for the party, and inns, discovering a good one for the party to rest at.
Later, Blue and Kane ended up at the palace. Kane made an appointment to speak with the lord about becoming a vassal, while Blue was escorted to the lords library to do some research. Tenebris and Doegeir went to the military base. The assassin went around the outer walls to look for a way in, but was discovered by a watch post and escorted back into town. Doe spoke with the officers and managed to secure herself a little tour.
During the tour she discovered Salurva, the golden scaled trainer of new recruits, and knew she was one of the nine. The ardent eventually convinced the other dragonborn to accept the crystal. Once in hand, the golden scaled warrior informed her that she wanted to see the capabilities of the party before she would agree to go with them saying to meet her there tomorrow.

4A: Angry Thugs Pt. 3
Session 4

In the morning, Kane interrogates the prisoner to find out more about the gang. He learns that the dwarf is a mercenary hired by the gang and that the new leader would be the brother of one of the slain bandits. The group is approached by two members of the Merchant’s Guild and asked if they would accept a commission to route the thugs fully. They were offered a few options for payment and the party decided on coins, but agreed to pay the guild a fee to set up an appointment with an old lady who lives outside of town hoping she would have some knowledge that could help them on their quest. Kane wondered about the gang boss having any bounties, but the merchants knew nothing of Bael Turath bounties and said he should check with them. Big Blue informed the party that Turathi historically require an identifiable body part for display. The appointment was set for that evening and the party handed the prisoner over to the merchants as they separate. Kane said he would bury the bodies out back so as to clean up the area for the innkeeper who returned when the merchants came, but would store the tiefling’s head for a potential bounty. The rest of the party went to check out the various shops around town.
After the group finished their tasks, they head to the house where the gang resided. The remainder of the group was swiftly taken out. Then, they searched the headquarters for anything interesting finding a small chest of coins and jewels. As their appointment was still a ways off, they stopped to rest and check out the crystals they were given the day before. Kane then explained how he saw Styrbjorn vanish and assumed Kibble did the same as he found his crystals on the floor of the inn when he went to talk to him. In examining the crystals, they got a sense of where they needed to go next, either to the east or the west, to get to the nearest of the nine. Kane handed 3 crystals to Doegeir and they then slipped into the Inn of the Mind where a spirit told them they were to be rewarded for their bravery. The reward would be a blessing upon an item of their choice held by one of them from one of the gods of the Alliance. They chose Kane to receive the blessing and he chose to have Bear bless his Gythka.

4A: Angry Thugs Pt. 2
Session 3

As the group recovered inside the Fork & Knife, the gang boss waited for his arson team to return. After a few minutes, a group arrived with bundles of twigs, oil flasks, and torches. There was no more time to delay.
Blue magicked away the lights in front of the inn to provide Tenebris with cover to sneak towards the thugs, but the boss sends a couple goons to relight the torches forcing the party to initiate combat, charging from the inn. The assassin was spotted by tiefling archer, though remained hidden from the rest of the gang. This actually worked well as a distraction and allowed the rest of the group to rush in close to the boss who could not handle the the attention. The party dispatched all but one of the gang members, a goon who Blue froze unconscious with a quick blast of cold.
They cleaned up the aftermath of the combat, collecting up the bodies into a pile and retrieving any money and supplies they had on hand. Blue tied up his prisoner and left him with Kane, the thri-kreen who doesnt sleep normally, to watch through the night while everyone else slept. The fighter decided to reblock off the back door of the inn and relight the torches out front, the rest sitting on the bound goon on top of the pile of bodies.

4A: Angry Thugs
Session 2

The gang leader was an angry tiefling, full of himself and a need to make an example of those that cross his gang. Big Blue skillfully conversed with the boss to distract him by shouting through the window at the front of the Fork & Knife. Kibble and Tenebris did a quick survey of the outside through the other windows discovering that the inn had thugs posted around it.
Meanwhile, an autumn toned dragonborn woman awoke from her visit to the Inn of the Mind. This visit was special for her, as it was for the five heroes, but unlike them she was not gathered at the table during the meeting with the gods. Instead, she slept in a bed upstairs in the Fork and Knife. Because she was already dreaming when the meeting took place, her mind was not synced up with the others and could only observe the meeting. The Great Spirits and the Far Lords’ Agents spoke with her after the meeting ended, letting her know the group awaited her downstairs.
The group of five decided they would sneak out the back and stealthily dispatch one of the guards, then attempt to flank the boss by going around the sides. Unfortunately, after Tenebris dropped the guard and took his spot holding the torch, the boss became tired of talking. He shouted to Blue that if they didnt come out and fight he would burn down the inn and sent off some of the gang members.
This was when the dragonborn stepped out of her room. She introduced herself as Doegeir and the party recognized her as one of the wanderers from the Inn of the Mind. They decided to then usher the inn patrons and owner out the back, but for some reason Styrbjorn and Kibble blinked out of existence leaving behind the crystals they carried. Kane quickly snatched up all of them. To buy a little more time, Doe stepped out and intimidated the thugs as an unrelated person. The surprised gang talked with the dragonborn until finally the boss had enough, drew his bow, and shot Doegeir.
A fight then ensued. Kane and Big Blue joined the psionicly powered woman to fight the remaining gang members and their guard drakes. Tenebris rushed through the inn as the last of the patrons ran from danger. The wizard led the fight conjuring a large ball of water around most of the thugs, trapping them. This gave the party an opportunity to move in and strike nearly taking out the drawf and causing him to surrender. He then retreated from the watery magic and followed by one of his drakes. The second drake was much too focused on prey to care. The boss continued to move, keeping his distance and peppering the party with arrows. Taking a solid hit from an arrow followed up by the elven thugs dual blade combo, Kane fell to the ground, but Doegeir’s mind refused to let than happen so healed some of the fighter’s wounds. Tenebris joined in the fight and helped take out the elf and drake.
With the dwarf having run off with his drake and the boss sending away some of his gang earlier, the angry tiefling was left alone. The party decided to slip back into the inn to rest a bit as the boss paced angrily in the distance, waiting for backup.

4A: The Meeting
Session 1

Each of the potential heroes had set out on their personal journeys for their own reason: knowledge, skill, truth, notoriety, and safety. These goals showed the Great Spirits their potential and so, with the aid of the Agents of the Far Lords, the Inn of the Mind was constructed.
Soon the potential heroes began to slip into this space during periods of rest. In their dreams they saw a huge log cabin with a hearth in each wall, great wooden pillars holding up a ceiling barely in view, and various furnishings one would find in a quality rustic inn. It was a strange place, both comforting and disconcerting at once. Over time the individuals interacted more, moving about but never getting closer to any wall even though the furnishings changed; and eventually, hearing voices speaking directly to them and glimpsing other individuals. The voices spoke of the world and its impending doom.
“The Gods have been on Earth too long,” they would say. “The world is changing into their godly realms and those realms cannot coexist. In time these realms will tear the world apart.”
Those words felt true, but could anything be done?
“We have a plan,” the voices answered to concerns unspoken. “If you wish to save this world and its reflections, go to an inn. Your mind will guide you there if your heart is willing.”
So, five adventurers met with their dream visitors in a small inn called The Fork and Knife, located in the neutral border town of Fork. An unclaimed trade town on the road connecting Arkhosia, Bael Turath, and Daristan.
The disparate five came from different parts of the world, but all reached the inn on the same day.
First to arrive was the small stealthy sniper affectionately called Kibble. The dull green scales that dominate his features being a common variety found on kobolds were accented by scales of deep black, hinting at a special lineage.
Soon after the kobold slipped in and found a shadowy corner to watch from, a large man in blue arrived. The man surveyed the inn, a Human gaze radiating with intelligence, and finished his exam at a round table near the back of the room, by the stairs. He walked fluidly, with staff in hand, his plump body held by a frame used to athletic activity. The man sat at the chosen table and relaxed with a book.
The third arrival was a member of the rare shawdowfolk noomlings known as Svirfneblin. The grey skinned, white bearded man walked in, clothed in simple rustic travelling gear and baring a totem of the wolf. Recognizing the wizard, who went by the moniker Big Blue, he joined the table and identified himself as Styrbjorn the shaman.
Kibble continued to watch silently from the shadows until the forth joined the group. The willowy Shade Tenebris introduced himself to the table with the grace and manner of nobility, took his seat, and looked across to the kobold who had taken this distraction to join the table.
When the last of the five joined the group, it was no surprise to his fellow visitors to the Inn of the Mind, but would be to the people in the Fork and Knife, that he was Thri Kreen. The insectoid race was rarely seen, even within the vast desert where they live, so Kane the arena fighter always kept himself cloaked. Once seated, the metallic accents of his chitin gleaming in the fading sun light, the group slips into the other Inn.
For the first time, they met with the voices in physical form. All of the Great Spirits, their giant rune etched bodies glowing grandly, and the three Agents of the Far Lords, their otherworldly bodies both awful and enchanting, welcomed them. The plan was laid before the hopeful saviors: take nine crystals to the nine beings who have the spark of creation inside them; then, with the nine acting as a barrier against divinity, stop the Gods however they saw fit.
The meeting took place between moments and the heroes now saw the crystals upon the table. A rowdy group then busted into the inn, hassling the patrons and noticing the crystals collected at the table. The five quickly pocketed the crystals as the gang moved to surround the table. Big Blue spoke to the hood in front, throwing a glance to the watchful elf in back. He managed to keep everyone calm as he discovered the gang was not planning on leaving without the “gems”. That’s when Kane offered them some coin backed with a threat, to leave them and the inn be. The hoodlums were taken aback by his tone and leave with the coins, shaken.
Kibble leads the group in an effort to find out about these thugs while Tenebris bought some drinks for people. They found that they were a small local gang run by a Tiefling who had trained guard drakes. By the time they were done, the sun was down and the gang had come to the inn, surrounding it and calling out the heroes to a public beating.


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