Life and Adventure

4A: Angry Thugs Pt. 2

Session 3

As the group recovered inside the Fork & Knife, the gang boss waited for his arson team to return. After a few minutes, a group arrived with bundles of twigs, oil flasks, and torches. There was no more time to delay.
Blue magicked away the lights in front of the inn to provide Tenebris with cover to sneak towards the thugs, but the boss sends a couple goons to relight the torches forcing the party to initiate combat, charging from the inn. The assassin was spotted by tiefling archer, though remained hidden from the rest of the gang. This actually worked well as a distraction and allowed the rest of the group to rush in close to the boss who could not handle the the attention. The party dispatched all but one of the gang members, a goon who Blue froze unconscious with a quick blast of cold.
They cleaned up the aftermath of the combat, collecting up the bodies into a pile and retrieving any money and supplies they had on hand. Blue tied up his prisoner and left him with Kane, the thri-kreen who doesnt sleep normally, to watch through the night while everyone else slept. The fighter decided to reblock off the back door of the inn and relight the torches out front, the rest sitting on the bound goon on top of the pile of bodies.


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