Life and Adventure

4A: Meetings

Session 5

After their rest, the party decided to do a little shopping before the meeting at the Guild Hall. Once sundown arrived, they headed to their appointment. The noomling receptionist handed them their payment for trouncing the gang and showed them to the meeting room when the old lady was waiting and that they could meet the guild masters after for anything else.
Sitting in a chair surrounded by large sacks was a old gnomish woman who jovially introduced herself as Telki. She offered the party various herbal curatives and directly spoke to Big Blue noticing that he was magically inclined. She sold him a special ritual kit to help him in his journeys and offered him a selection of nature rituals as well. They asked her about the Tanglebrush to get any insight and she told them it was filled with strange plants and magic portals and that she arrived in this plane there when she traveled from the Feywild.
When they were done with the herbalist, they met with Bluel and Gon once again. The party gave them the chest of gems and coin they found as it was all stolen goods. Then, they asked if there were any merchants travelling to Arkhosia who may need protection. The merchants said theyd get back to them in the morning.
Not wanting to wait on the guild workings, they decided to check with some locals at the Fork & Knife. They found out that a supplier from the north should be in tomorrow, but they were unsure of where they were headed after that; so, the party rested the night with that in mind. In the morning, they headed north to meet with the supplier, who turned out to be heading to Bael Turath. When they returned to the inn, Rosa handed them a letter detailing a merchant who was heading to Sun City and would sell them seats for the journey. They accept the offer and travel with the dragonborn delivery man. During their travels, Tenebris shared some ale with the driver and chatted with and Doe, while Kane and Blue examined the crystals further. During, one examination they decided to try to contact the Alliance. Only when Blue used magic to tap into the Inn of the Mind did anything happen. Almost rupturing his brain, Zelefex appeared before him to answer some of his questions. She telepathically informed him that giving the crystal to one of the nine would reveal everything to them.
In Sun City, the crystals direct them to the military base, so they split up to find out information about the base and the crystals. Kane went to the military recruitment office and discovered he might be able to become a vassal to the Sun Lord. Blue learned that the palace of the Sun Lord was the best place to find esoteric knowledge. Tenebris discovered that the constables in Arkhosia were very on top of crime and did not like to accept help from outsiders. Doe checked out shops, restocking rations for the party, and inns, discovering a good one for the party to rest at.
Later, Blue and Kane ended up at the palace. Kane made an appointment to speak with the lord about becoming a vassal, while Blue was escorted to the lords library to do some research. Tenebris and Doegeir went to the military base. The assassin went around the outer walls to look for a way in, but was discovered by a watch post and escorted back into town. Doe spoke with the officers and managed to secure herself a little tour.
During the tour she discovered Salurva, the golden scaled trainer of new recruits, and knew she was one of the nine. The ardent eventually convinced the other dragonborn to accept the crystal. Once in hand, the golden scaled warrior informed her that she wanted to see the capabilities of the party before she would agree to go with them saying to meet her there tomorrow.


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