Life and Adventure

4A: Angry Thugs Pt. 3

Session 4

In the morning, Kane interrogates the prisoner to find out more about the gang. He learns that the dwarf is a mercenary hired by the gang and that the new leader would be the brother of one of the slain bandits. The group is approached by two members of the Merchant’s Guild and asked if they would accept a commission to route the thugs fully. They were offered a few options for payment and the party decided on coins, but agreed to pay the guild a fee to set up an appointment with an old lady who lives outside of town hoping she would have some knowledge that could help them on their quest. Kane wondered about the gang boss having any bounties, but the merchants knew nothing of Bael Turath bounties and said he should check with them. Big Blue informed the party that Turathi historically require an identifiable body part for display. The appointment was set for that evening and the party handed the prisoner over to the merchants as they separate. Kane said he would bury the bodies out back so as to clean up the area for the innkeeper who returned when the merchants came, but would store the tiefling’s head for a potential bounty. The rest of the party went to check out the various shops around town.
After the group finished their tasks, they head to the house where the gang resided. The remainder of the group was swiftly taken out. Then, they searched the headquarters for anything interesting finding a small chest of coins and jewels. As their appointment was still a ways off, they stopped to rest and check out the crystals they were given the day before. Kane then explained how he saw Styrbjorn vanish and assumed Kibble did the same as he found his crystals on the floor of the inn when he went to talk to him. In examining the crystals, they got a sense of where they needed to go next, either to the east or the west, to get to the nearest of the nine. Kane handed 3 crystals to Doegeir and they then slipped into the Inn of the Mind where a spirit told them they were to be rewarded for their bravery. The reward would be a blessing upon an item of their choice held by one of them from one of the gods of the Alliance. They chose Kane to receive the blessing and he chose to have Bear bless his Gythka.


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