Vestria, the western continent

  • Alderburg – a trade city, known for its plentiful alder trees, where many of the wealthy have gathered as well as many a thief. Poat’s temple is said to be somewhere under the city.
  • The Overgrowth – The wild jungles located on the southern half of the western continent. Said to be home of Naquitl’s temple.
  • Silvershine – A lake and city in the east. The Hospital of Glesel can be found here.
  • The Suvishan Mountains – Located in central Vestria, they are home to the highest peak in the world, Mount Infinus. The Monastery of Dobek is located here.

Allethen, the eastern continent

  • Bael Turath – the Tiefling Empire. Home of the temples of Kufrah and his Generals.
  • Daristan – the country named after the city that has survived since ancient times which is the capital of Etheria’s realm.
  • Grand Port – Huge trade city on the Lazulic coast which is the main port for Dwarven goods on the eastern continent. The Grand Library is here and is also the temple of Quin.
  • Northern Barrier Mountains – Home to Little Falls, a village at its base named for its plentiful waterfalls and known as the only passage into the Northern Wasteland.
  • Overlook Spines – A sharp peaked mountain range reaching from the Northern Barrier to the Tanglebrush. The temple of Levrath sits on the southern cliffs.
  • Quarin Desert – Far to the south of The Tanglebrush is a large desert. Many nomadic tribes wander here. Heth‘s temple is located somewhere in the desert’s expanse.

The Oceans

  • The Asheric Ocean
    -The Panahela Archipelago – a series of volcanic islands. Home to Orla’s temple.
  • The Lazulic Ocean
  • The North White Ocean
  • The South White Ocean



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